The 7 steps to getting your home sold fast and for top dollar!

Selling your property is probably one of the most important things you'll do financially AND emotionally. We want to give you the steps to reduce stress, increase profits, and maintain control. Because our agency only employs full-time agents, you can rest easily knowing you have an experienced professional in your corner.

1.  Do your homework.

Setting the price and getting the property ready to sell are two key factors. Over-pricing will have you wondering where the offers are, under-pricing leaves doubt. Both put money in the pockets of someone else.

2.  Understand your motivations.

Sellers often let their emotions dictate their motivations. Confusing the two can lead to problems in negotiations, staging, and confidentiality.   

3.  Find the right company.

A good real estate company has trained their agents to help you from start to finish. Trained agents can help with setting the list price, deciding on repairs and staging, negotiating, managing inspections, and managing communication and marketing.

4.  Amplify your property's sales potential.

You can't change the location or the floor plan of your home, but you can often do a lot to improve the appearance of your home. Nearly all home buyers see your property online before they even consider taking a physical look at it. Online presentation and information, along with preparing for people to drive by are often overlooked.  

5.  Embrace the Information Age.

Buyers want to know about your property. We try to give them as much information as possible without overwhelming buyers. We can often overcome misconceptions right from the start with simply providing factual data upfront. 

6.  Understand that buyers are smart.

Buyers are much more educated than ever. The internet and TV shows have given buyers a better handle on purchases and we think that's good. However, things like negotiating, controlling emotions, and pricing aren't something you can learn from a TV show.

7.  Know the contract.

Getting an offer is important. Protecting yourself with a professional who understands that the contract is key. Anyone can fill in the blanks, but understanding the blanks is essential.