Home Inspections

Home Inspection

The professional inspector is charged with checking out a home for any flaws before you buy it. This could protect you from purchasing a lemon--and squandering tons of cash in repairs.

 Although inspections are not required, they help you in two ways:
Find major items that need repairs; Identify ways to make your home better in the future 

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  Typical Inspection Areas
 Home Exterior / Roof / Attic / Garage / Foundation & Grading / Basement or Crawlspace / Plumbing Systems Electrical Systems / Central Heating-Cooling Systems Flooring / Walls / Ceiling / Windows / Bathrooms 
Kitchen & Fixtures
Inspectors are restricted to doing only a visual inspection. They can't cut a hole in the wall to inspect beyond it. As a result, as inspector will often flag potential problems in the report and advise you to follow up with an expert in that area. 
Note: Pest and Radon Testing are additional inspections at an additional cost.
  Inspection Costs
Typical home inspectors charge between $300 and $400, and whether or not you end up purchasing the property, you still need to pay this fee.  HOme price2.jpg
Inspection Timing

Inspections often take place during the work week and usually last between 2-3 hours. The inspector will be able to give you an estimate of how long it will take. Knowing how much time you'll need to block out will keep you from having to rush through the inspection to get back to the office. 

Your Presence at the Inspection

We give buyers as much information about your property as possible through an appealing website presence, social media marketing, and newsprint ads. Our office also offers the latest technology in digital signatures and software, simplifying the home selling process for everyone. 

Presence at Inspection 
Seller Responsibilities

Protect yourself with a professional who understands that the contract is key. Our agents are focused on your best interests and will be your best advocate in selling your home.